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Cloud Storage global war

It’s been a “Cloud” a buzzing word nowadays, since Apple introduce its icloud in iOS 5 before few days…

It’s been a busy time for cloud storage and music services and Apple’s launch onto the scene with Apple iCloud has officially declared it global war.

But did you know that iCloud is using Micrososft azure and amazons cloud service????

I have tried to find something about Microsoft Live Skydrive

Windows Live SkyDrive (initially Windows Live Folders) is part of Microsoft’s Windows Live range of online services. SkyDrive is a File hosting service that allows users to upload files to a cloud storage and then access them from a Web browser. It uses Windows Live ID to control access to the user’s files, allowing them to keep the files private, share with contacts, or make the files public. Publicly-shared files do not require a Windows Live ID to access.


The service offers 25 GB of free personal storage, with individual files limited to 50 MB. A Silverlight-based tool can be installed to allow drag-and-drop uploading from any Silverlight enabled browser such as Windows Explorer on a Windows machine or Safari on a Apple Macintosh computer. Up to five files can be uploaded each time if the tool has not been installed.

You can access skydrive from here…


icloud information can be accessed from here,

Its been my little attempt to dig on cloud storage.

It’s good that every giant is coming with their own cloud storage product with their own fancy names…. But the big question would be how secure is cloud storage??

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